Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of the main reasons in writing this blog is to improve my writing skillz. So bare with me as I try to right in different ways to see what I suck at and what still needs improvement. As for the content I will put in music, videos, and things I find interesting, stories (of both the fictional and legit nature), and probably some religious/spiritual/philosophical junk. I will be honest with what I can, and omit the rest, hopefully under the Lord's digression.

I dedicate this blog to David Wagner who’s slightly nagging encouragement lead me to finally start a blog. Happy 40th Dave! You old musty fart!

I’m thinking about a bunch of junk that I could write however there is only so much stuff I should write. For today I will try three of my ideas. The first being posting a song so you can listen to some tunes when my writing begins to bore you (sorry I don't know how to post the actual thing in the actual blog)


This is sort of a tribute, memorial, shout out, thing, where the idea is to complement someone right up to the peak of self confidence. However I refuse to engage in any flattering or over-complementing that will push them over the edge into the abyss of arrogance.

I think of you as a likeable person to anyone. You are not someone that would be considered boring to talk to. You think of what you are going to say before you say it when you are talking to other people because you care that they get the right information, but when you talk to yourself you don’t seem to care about what you think or whether you get the right idea or not. It makes for a dramatic display of emotion most times. As for when you are talking to me it makes for interesting conversation that goes beyond giggling at a ridiculous propositions, or simply blowing off a chance to give something a thought. There isn’t anything that you seem to horde to yourself, instead you are generous with everything, and are more concerned about not inconveniencing others than keeping yourself happy.

#3 Butts are like teeth

I can’t understand why butts are so socially unacceptable. To me they are the same thing as teeth but under used and underrated.
First of all I will cover some of their many similarities, skipping over many of them and only to touch on the more obvious and important for the sake of keeping this entry concise and to the point. They are both ends of the digestive system that pinch off portions of what was, and what will be sustenance for the body. They are both lighter (in color) parts of the body because they tend to get less sun. They both have cheeks.

The main reason for writing this was to show that the exposing of the buttocks (the colloquial “moon”) is, as I said, far underused and has the potential to serve the same purpose a tooth-revealing smile with more desireable results. When you meet someone for the first time or even catch the glance of someone you already know the proper gesture is to exchange smiles. It seems, in most cases, to reassure the other person that you are on good terms with them and that you are happy to see them. I can see presenting the teeth with a lifting of the cheeks as becoming a more classic way of exchanging these unsaid feelings in the future. I don’t believe that it will become completely obsolete, but will be used in cases where the greeting is less formal, and between friends and family, most likely. The formal way of meeting someone for the first few times will be to simply expose backsides to one another. It reveals just the same and more than a smile does about the person. Again it is sort of the next level of acknowledging another person, before you could only see the degree of the other persons dental hygiene, why stop at that when you can learn more about the your new acquaintance, besides you can see the other persons teeth as much as you want during conversation. People will feel as though they are giving and receiving more respect because of the trouble both parties must go to, to expose just there back side and yet remain modest by continuing to cover their front side. There is also the fact that, in order to greet someone in this way you must literally drop everything you are doing to direct your full attention toward greeting someone else, because it is difficult if not impossible to be holding things while going through the process of this respectful formality.  Sometimes a simple smile seems to fail in covering up being uncomfortable when meeting someone else and you can see that things are a bit awkward. “Mooning” each other allows you to get past your reluctance to meet someone else as it is sure to lighten the mood and even promote laughter. It is not only a sign of respect as you take the time to properly present yourself and put down any other items you may be carrying but it also shows the smallest degree of trust as you are willing to turn your back on the other person, not in the sense of ignoring them, but in another figurative sense. The sense that you’ve got their back and you aren’t worried about them stabbing you in yours. Similar to entering someone’s house in the Japanese culture where one would leave his shoes and his swords by the door as a sign of trust and to show that he did not enter in hostility. Both smiling and presenting your buns are ways of showing the brighter and lighter side of you as part of your first impression.

Here is a picture of a cool colored lizard I caught in my house:

Alright now that its over I will say: My apologies and I promise to improve as I continue to post.